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Brooks-Ward's links between mechanical watches and classic cars are equally strong.

He says that it's an odd quirk of classic car enthusiasts to also be watch lovers. Both require an intimate understanding of gears and precision engineering, as well as a handcrafted expertise which is becoming increasingly rare. It's more satisfying to be able feel, see and hear the mechanics in action than to have a digital or electric watch that is silent. "The founder of Jaguar Sir William Lyons once said that a car was the closest thing we could get to something alive. But I would argue that a mechanical watch isn't too far behind."

Perfect Partners

Brooks-Ward, however, is clear that he could not have collaborated with any watch brand and that he had to look for a maison who shared the same ethos as the Concours in terms of perfection,iwc portuguese chrono replica craftsmanship and history. The organisers of Hampton Court chose each car and invited them to the event because they believe it to be one of the best in the world. Any watch partner would also need to meet this world-leading brief.

"A. Lange & Sohne possesses the qualities we look for in a perfect watch partner," he explains. It has a rich history dating back to nearly 200 years. It is passionate about intricate craftsmanship, and it is always innovating. Rolex Milgauss Replica, which has been a part of our event for many years, continues to push the limits of what was initially thought possible. The 1902 Grand Complication No. The 42500 is an excellent example. It features a small strike and a large strike, as well as a minute repeater and a chronograph with flying fifth seconds.

Schmid Lange will be present at the event to interact with collectors, enthusiasts, and clients with an exhibition of haute horlogerie from today. The current collection of watches will be on display and available for handling. A highlight is the Triple Split, the first triple rattrapante clock in the world.

The Triple Split ref. The 424.038 is limited to 100 white gold watches (Rolex Replica Watches).

Beyond the watches and luxury, guests will enjoy a unique automotive experience. The cars do not have velvet ropes, barriers or other barriers. Owners of the cars often talk with guests. Brooks-Ward explains: "The cars, while important, are only one part of a much larger event. You can also tour the Palace and enjoy a glass or two of Taittinger champagne, browse Augustine Jewels' incredible collection, visit London’s oldest barbershop Truefitt & Hill or have a drink at London's oldest bar.

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